/You Will No Longer Suffer From Lag When Playing Online Games On FIFA 19

You Will No Longer Suffer From Lag When Playing Online Games On FIFA 19

For years now ‘lag’ has been one of the biggest issues when playing online game modes on FIFA.

Most of us reading this will have experienced unresponsive gameplay and truthfully, it’s a massive pain in the arse.

Those who spend their time and money on the game can suffer at the hands of a dodgy connection, and it might not even be their own fault.

For the majority of the time, the opponent is to blame but things could be about to finally change. HALLELUJAH!

EA sports have released update 1.07 that is designed to directly tackle the problem.

In their own words, the update makes improvements to the responsiveness of gameplay in situations where your opponent’s network connection may experience packet loss or high latency.

“We know that gameplay responsiveness and consistency in that responsiveness when playing online is one of the community’s biggest concerns,” EA said in a blog post.

“Investigating and addressing this feedback has been a major priority for the FIFA team and we have a dedicated group working on improving the experience.”

This update will apply to FUT Champions, FUT Division Rivals, FUT Online Draft, FIFA Pro Clubs and FIFA Co-Op Seasons, so no more laggy connection.

“This week’s change should improve the responsiveness of gameplay for many online matches.” EA sports said.

“We identified an issue where overall gameplay responsiveness in online matches could be negatively impacted by one player’s poor network connection, which was not intended. So moving forward, gameplay responsiveness should rely on each player’s individual connection, and not those they are playing with or against.

“The result should be a much more consistent experience in gameplay responsiveness online, depending on the networking set-up you have.”

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