/Winter meetings moves for all 30 teams

Winter meetings moves for all 30 teams

Every big league organization will be at the winter meetings in Las Vegas through the middle of Thursday, and proximity breeds transactions. The end of the meetings provides an artificial deadline. There isn’t a team in baseball that doesn’t have a list of things to do. This week, items on the to-do list tend to get done.

Most significantly, there are trades to be made and free agents to be signed. I’ve come up with a move for each team that I think could realistically be made in the coming days. A note, before you proceed: I haven’t put Bryce Harper anywhere. This is the only paragraph in which Harper is mentioned, because even though he’s clearly going to sign somewhere, I can’t for the life of me imagine that’s coming soon. Scott Boras has been preparing for this free agency for years, and he’s going to take his time, as is his wont. And I’m not finding new homes for every single top player available. I’ve just looked for realistic moves for each team.

That’s enough of that. Now for the fun part.

American League

Baltimore Orioles: Trade for Shed Long and Cody Reed. This is a move for a couple of young Reds. There isn’t that much more for the Orioles to do in their teardown process, since they’re almost entirely torn down already, and they’d be losing a talented starting pitcher, but they’d be gaining an intriguing young starting pitcher and a good second-base prospect. The Orioles are in no position to be picky; they need talent, but these are two players who could help for several years.

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