/What Genuinely Happens If Tenshin Nasukawa Kicks Floyd Mayweather Is Crazy

What Genuinely Happens If Tenshin Nasukawa Kicks Floyd Mayweather Is Crazy

The official rules for Floyd Mayweather’s Tokyo fight with Japanese kickboxer Tenshin Nasukawa today are a bit mad.

A few months back, Far East MMA promotion Rizin and held a press conference to confirm that Mayweather will be involved in a bout on the Rizin 14 card at Saitama Super Arena in Tokyo to close out 2018.

Then, in a bizarre turn of events, Mayweather then took to Instagram to say he’s cancelled the bout and that he’d never agreed to the fight before then reversing his decision and claiming the New Years Eve bout will be “the highest paid exhibition ever”.

To further add to the drama Money’ was then two hours late turning up at the arena, meaning the fight had to be delayed.

Mayweather will most likely not been punished for his poor time-keeping because of how a big name, but there is a sanction for Nasukawa if he doesn’t fight in the specific rule-set.

There had been all sorts of speculation as to what the rules would be like for a fight pitting the 50-0 fighter against a 20-year old undefeated kickboxer – with some hoping that it would see Mayweather foray into MMA after all the talk.

Instead, there will be nine minutes of boxing (3x 3 minute rounds) the result won’t count on either fighter’s record.

There are no judges or even a scoring system and it’s described as “full contact competition” with straight boxing rules. In fact, it’s emerged that if Nasukawa attempts to kick Mayweather or use any MMA moves, he receives an immediate $5 million fine.

The exhibition fight has been labelled a “farce” by many but there is undoubtedly plenty of intrigue as to how this is going to play out.

Who knows, maybe we’ll get some Conor McGregor interference?

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