/UFC Fighter Challenges Conor McGregor To A Fight In An Alleyway

UFC Fighter Challenges Conor McGregor To A Fight In An Alleyway

Conor McGregor’s often called out but this might be the first time in his UFC career that he’s been challenged to a fight in an alleyway.

The Irishman is expected to return to the famed Octagon in 2019, following his defeat to UFC lightweight champion Khabib Nurmagomedov in October.

A bunch of UFC fighters want a piece of McGregor including lightweight contender Al Iaquinta.

Just like McGregor, the American has also fought Nurmagomedov. But, unlike McGregor, he went the distance losing a decision.

Iaquinta has since returned to the win column by beating Kevin Lee in a wild scrap, and he’s now gunning for a bout opposite McGregor.

“Conor, he was talking about an immediate rematch, but I think he’s gotta fight somebody, and who else would he fight besides me?” He said.

The No.4 lightweight fighter added: “We have a common opponent in Khabib. I went the distance on a day’s notice. And he had all the time in the world to prepare, and he tapped out when things got a little tough, especially after talking all that s***, I don’t know….I think he’s lost it in a lot of ways. I think he’s trying to get it back now. Maybe that woke him up a little bit.

“I don’t see him ever getting that title shot again unless it’s just a money thing. It’s a shame that he might get fights just because of the purse that he brings.

“Because he’s totally non-deserving of anything near a title shot. I don’t think he ever was.

You talk all that s***…you talk s*** about me, that (Khabib) couldn’t finish me. And then, you go out there and get finished that quick? I don’t know…he’s such a little shyster.It’s the same s***. He’ll do anything for the dollar. It’s such a shame.

“That money fight s***, it’s all bulls***. F***ing meet me in the alleyway, I’ll show you a money fight.”

No messing.

Will Dana White grant Iaquinta’s wish and pair him up with the ex-UFC champion? Watch this space.

Nasir Jabbar

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