/The FIFA Community Have Rated FIFA 19 One Star Out Of Five

The FIFA Community Have Rated FIFA 19 One Star Out Of Five

It has become a regular staple in the lives of many football fans down the years. When late September/early October rolls around, the world prepare for the next installation of FIFA.

However, this year has seen some of the fiercest feedback ever seen within the FIFA community.

Take it away.

Despite the changes that EA sports have made to the game, such as adding timed finishing and a variety of ‘house rules’ to the kick-off feature, fans are clearly not happy with the latest update.

And they let creators EA sports know through the official Microsoft Store.

A quick scroll through FIFA 19’s review page on the store will show you exactly those who bought the game are feeling.

Some of the reviews are well structured and thought out, such as the one featured below.

An in-depth FIFA 19 review
An in-depth FIFA 19 review

However, most of the criticism is rather humorous rather than damning of the product EA have created.

Another bad review, albeit more hilarious is included below.

A more humorous FIFA 19 criticism
A more humorous FIFA 19 criticism

Another user has titled his scathing one star review as: “DON’T BUY EVEN IF FREE”.

If it is free, then isn’t the game being gifted to you rather than buying it?

Regardless of the semantics, the criticism comes as a shock as the game launched with favourable reviews back in September.

IGNgave the game an 8.2/10 saying,

“FIFA 19 is a definite improvement on last year’s effort, despite not all new additions quite hitting the mark.”

A stark contrast to the one star reviews on the Microsoft Store. Perhaps EA’s fans on other console platforms are kinder on the newest installment.

Do you think FIFA 19 is an improvement on last years game? Or is it one of the worst in years?

Let us know in the comments below.

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