/Kevin De Bruyne Recreating Some Of Macaulay Culkins Home Alone Moments Is Brilliant

Kevin De Bruyne Recreating Some Of Macaulay Culkins Home Alone Moments Is Brilliant

Kevin de Bruyne returned to the Manchester City starting line up in the Carabao Cup quarter final game against Leicester City on Tuesday night and if anyone’s wondering where he’d been previously, well he’d been left Home Alone.

IT’S CHRISTMASSSS, or at least it will be in less than a week’s time but it certainly is that time of year where you should be watching Love Actually on a daily basis.

Of course if Love Actually isn’t your cup of tea, and I am judging you for that, then there’s plenty of other great Christmas films to pick from like Die Hard and Die Hard 2.

For many the archetypical Christmas film is Home Alone, the horrible story about how devil child Kevin McCallister needlessly and ruthlessly bullies concerned neighbours Marv and Harry after his horrible family purposely leave him out of a holiday. How they survive is beyond anyone’s grasp.

Much like the film Kevin de Bruyne often ruthlessly bullies opposition players and gives them almost as much hell, though he doesn’t quite throw buckets of paint at defenders.

Interestingly it’s also in the looks department where the two Kevins share a resemblance and City have pointed it out with some wonderful gifs of KdB:

They’ll no doubt be a lot of Christmas cheer in the De Bruyne household and at the Etihad Stadium this holiday period.

The Belgian midfielder returned to the starting XI against Leicester on Tuesday and scored the opener, before the Premier League champions won on penalties.

City are currently in second in the table but don’t be too surprised if they end the holiday’s alone at the top of the table.

As Kevin would say, Merry Christmas, you filthy animals.

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