/Indian Footballer Suspended For Six Months After Lying About Being 16-Years-Old

Indian Footballer Suspended For Six Months After Lying About Being 16-Years-Old

He made headlines after becoming ‘the youngest player’ to score in Indian Super League history, but in a dramatic and unsurprising turn of events, Jamshedpur FC striker Gourav Mukhi has been punished for age fraud.

Mukhi, who scored the equaliser against Bengaluru FC back in October this year, was listed as being 16-years-old on the ISL website.

But since his famous goal the All India Football Federation have given him a six month sentence for failing to provide correct evidence.

He has also seen his registration revoked.

In a short statement released by the national football federation, the AIFF said the following:

“All India Football Federation (AIFF) Disciplinary Committee has imposed a six-month suspension on Jamshedpur FC player Gourav Mukhi with immediate effect.

“The AIFF Disciplinary Committee found the player Gourav Mukhi guilty on the basis of the evidence presented by him, his admissions and the statements of Manager of U-16 AIFF academy in 2015.

“The AIFF Disciplinary Committee also observed that the existing registration of Gourav Mukhi, both in the Central Registration System (CRS) as well as the Competition Management System (CMS) shall stand cancelled and revoked with immediate effect, with liberty upon the player/his appropriate club, to submit original valid appropriate documents for fresh registration under CRS and CMS.”

In addition, an author from Telegraph India suggests that Muhki’s real age is actually 28-years-old – not the 16 years of age he had previously claimed.

The news certainly caused a stir on social media.

This isn’t the first time Mukhi has been involved in age fraud. The player was caught in 2015 during a National Championship.

What a truly bizarre story.

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