/Frank Mir Left In A Bloody Mess After Losing Gumshield, Teeth And The Fight

Frank Mir Left In A Bloody Mess After Losing Gumshield, Teeth And The Fight

Fighters tapping out to strikes is a something of a rarity in the world of MMA but the legendary Frank Mir felt he had no choice but to surrender after being left a bloody mess in his bout with Javy Ayala at Bellator 212.

In Hawaii, the former UFC heavyweight champion was on the receiving end of a brutal onslaught from his opponent. He was badly cut, saw his gumshield go flying onto the canvas and even lost a number of teeth – as the 39-year old revealed post-fight.

As per Richard Hunter, who co-hosts the ‘Phonebooth Fight Podcast’ alongside him, Mir suffered a alveolar ridge fracture.

When he was pinned up against the cage and getting hit with elbows and strikes from Ayala, he had no option but to tap out.

Check out the highlights of the fight, including Mir’s submission, around 2:07 into this clip:

Of course he didn’t want to quit on the spot, especially with his daughter watching on cageside and the fact he had never surrendered in his decorated career, but the pain was too much for him to continue.

Being honest, we can’t blame him for tapping out at all because he looked like he had about three tins of tomatoes poured on him.

Mir owns a victory over the beastly Brock Lesnar in 2008 but it’s now four consecutive losses and it might just just be time for him to finally call it a day.

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