/Bull-rush: UT mascot Bevo targets Georgias Uga

Bull-rush: UT mascot Bevo targets Georgias Uga

NEW ORLEANS — Before Georgia and Texas squared off in Tuesday night’s Allstate Sugar Bowl, the teams’ respective mascots had a tense pregame meeting.

As the handlers for Bevo XV and Uga X tried to position the pair for a pregame photo op, Bevo charged in Uga’s direction, knocking down the metal barriers surrounding him and leading to a brief moment of chaos.

“We were trying to turn him around to take a picture, and he made a run for it,” said Patrick Dowell, a Texas senior and one of Bevo’s handlers. “He was just going to say hi.”

Dowell and the rest of Bevo’s handlers quickly corralled the 1,600-pound steer and secured him without any apparent harm to Uga or nearby spectators. Once the situation abated, the photo op happened after all, with Bevo staying in his original position, facing the stands.

“He’s as docile as a lamb,” said John Baker, who owns Sunrise Ranch, where Bevo XV was bred. “That’s the first time he’s done that this year.”

Bevo XV is in his third year of service on the Longhorns’ sideline and will turn 4 years old this month, Baker said.

“He’s a healthy and happy Bevo,” Baker said.

And fortunately, Uga seems to be healthy — and hopefully, happy — despite the pregame dustup.

Texas went on to win 28-21.

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